The Brecks Indoor Bowls Club.

Brecks Leisure Centre,  
Croxton Road,


                                                  Telephone:    01842-753110  

                                                      Chairman:     Mr Wally Boldock    

                                                  Secretary:     Mrs Carol Moore

                                                  President:     Mr Tom Muir



Dear Member

You will all be aware that the government has issued new guidelines to us all in view of the new Covid variant. The English Indoor Bowls Association have also issued guidance to bowls clubs on precautions they should take to keep people safe whilst continuing to be able to bowl.

To that end the Brecks Bowls Club will immediately adopt the following precautions:

1. All personnel must wear a mask / face covering upon entering the bowls hall.

2. Mask / face coverings should be worn whilst changing etc until immediately prior to                     stepping onto the bowls surface.

3. Bowlers are to, as much as possible, keep a safe distance from other bowlers whilst playing.

You should also note that we are to stop leaving the hall via the emergency exit.

Leaving should be through the entrance door.

We successfully introduced these procedures during the second lock down so the committee don't envisage any problems.  Please continue to enjoy your bowling and we hope you and your family have a happy Christmas and healthy and safe New Year.

Warmest Regards,

Club Chairman


Winter Knockout Competitions

All competitions

to be completed by 12th February 2022

Number of ends to be played

Ladies and Men's Singles:

First to 21 points

All other competitions:

18 ends to be played


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