Des Browne


It is with great sadness the Club received news that Des passed away suddenly on 25th January.  Des was known as everyone's friend and a wonderful bowling colleague.

When people do pass away, they are sometimes remembered as being “angels” or “angel-like”. A close friend of Des feels that title absolutely describes him since he was always ready and willing to help anyone at anytime, day or night.

Des was regarded by many as the best “Lead” in the club but also as a true sportsmen and a gentle giant. Playing against him was always a delight – he never became anxious or distracted but always ready to encourage his own team’s performances or compliment his opponents.

One club member comments :  “Des was a formidable opponent - he played with what are probably the largest bowls in the club - they would be more appropriate on the gun deck of HMS Victory. To see them coming towards  your bowls was always worrying, He was a great player and the nicest man you could wish to meet and play with or against”

If you had Des as a member of your team – whether league or roll-up – you were invariably off to a flying start. Opening good shots just got better and better – Des was almost a one-man-team at times!

His modesty was wonderfully illustrated when he won a Bowls International Hot Shots Club award – playing with his partner one Tuesday morning in the Planets League. After the game, he was quietly reserved but so delighted for his partner and for himself.

Without doubt, Des was an outstanding club member. His presence at the Brecks will be hugely missed. His kindness, support and encouragement are part of our treasured memories of the big man with a big heart and generous nature.

Yes – we will certainly miss you Des.  Thank you for sharing so much with us.

Our sincere condolences to Christine and her family.



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