The Brecks Indoor Bowls Club.

Brecks Leisure Centre,  
Croxton Road,


                                                  Telephone:    01842-753110  

                                                      Chairman:     Mr Wally Boldock    

                                                  Secretary:     Mrs Carol Moore

                                                  President:     Mr Tom Muir



The Club  re-opened on Monday 17th May

          Please play your part in keeping the Club and our Members safe.

          The Club asks all players to abide by the following rules as we commence this further  

          relaxation of lock down measures.

•       If you (or anyone in your household) are feeling unwell, particularly with any of the Covid

        19 symptoms – please stay at home and do not come to the Club.

•       If you have not yet had your two vaccinations can you please let a member of the

        committee know so that additional precautions can be taken to enable you to play.

•       With effect from Monday 17 May the club is open for play, the maximum number of

        players on each rink is 6 bowlers from different households, so Triples, Pairs or Singles can

       be played

•       Please follow the one-way systems inside the building. The Main Bowls Entrance is the

        only entrance. Bowlers leave by the marked Fire Door.

•       All facilities are available but please maintain social distancing.

•       Please be considerate to other members when going to or from the toilets, or to your rink

        at the start and end of sessions. 

•       Hand sanitisers are available at both the entrance and exit from the club and on the

        tables at the end of each rink – please use them. 

•      On arrival, you should pay your rink fees using the ticket you have bought previously or

       purchased on the day. Cheques are the only form of payment accepted; a member of

      the committee or nominated person will accept the ticket. You may purchase bulk playing

      tickets in advance or on the day you play, these will always be valid and refunded if

      necessary. You must sign into the rink on the playing sheet as usual and put the number of

      the ticket next to your name. We need to keep a record of attendees at each session, which

      we must retain for 21 days. 

•       To ensure all members make use of the facility and to ensure fairness as a result of only 6

        players on each lane a system of prior booking will be set up. A pre-booking booklet will          be placed on the table in the bowls hall were members may book playing slots in advance,
        You can of course just turn up at session but priority will be given to those that have

•       You should note that the playing fee is now £3.40 per session.

•       Disinfectant spray is provided so that jacks, lifters and gatherers can be disinfected at the

        start and end of each session. 

•       Players should try to maintain a 2m distance from other players at the same end, both

       sideways and along the rink.

•       The Club advises members that they should maintain the social distancing 
when they are

       changing ends. Movement up and down the rink should follow an anti-clockwise system

       within the rink boundary – whilst not interfering with play on any adjacent rink. 

•      The toilets are all open and are regularly cleaned.  All door handles throughout the Centre

       are being disinfected every 2 hours. The ladies may use the toilets along the corridor and

       the men should use the disabled toilet in the hall.

•       We ask that you do not wander into any other part of the Leisure Centre and remain in the

        bowls hall at all times other than when using the toilets.

•       If any member feels that they need to take extra care then masks should be worn.

        Members Rollup sessions are as follows.


      Monday       0930 – 1145      

      Tuesday       0930 – 1145          1400 - 1615 (U3A)

      Wednesday                               1400 – 1615

      Thursday       0930 – 1145        


     You may play outside these times as you wish, please note that the Leisure Centre closes

     each evening at 2100 hours.

     Wally Boldock,