The Brecks Indoor Bowls Club.

Brecks Leisure Centre,  
Croxton Road,


                                                  Telephone:    01842-753110  

                                                      Chairman:     Mr Wally Boldock    

                                                  Secretary:     Mrs Carol Moore

                                                  President:     Mr Tom Muir


From your Committee

 31 March 2021



It gives the Committee great pleasure to announce that bowling under the latest government guidelines can once again recommence as follows:




1.              Play restricted as follows:


a.             A Single player may use a rink to practice on.

b.             Two people from the same household may play a singles game.


These are the only sessions that can be played. (No mixing of households)


17 MAY


2.                     Play as follows.


            a.         Up to six people from different households may play, singles, pairs

                        or triples  on the same rink.


3.                    The rules for play in both of these periods will be as set out prior to

                       lockdown commencing, that is:


            a.         Voucher or cash (£3.40) is to be placed in the envelope provided and

                        placed   in the office letter box.


            b.         All equipment is to be disinfected using the cleaning materials

                        provided prior  to use.

                        Hand sanitising liquid will be provided.


            c.         Social distancing is to be strictly observed.


d.           Rinks need to be booked on the booking sheet prior to playing.


e.           The playing sessions will be as set out on the booking sheet.


f.           With effect from the 17 May we will hold official roll ups as follows.


i.               Monday         0930 – 1145

ii.             Tuesday         0930 – 1145

                                         1400 – 1615 U3A

iii.            Wednesday   1400 - 1615

iv.             Thursday       0930 – 1145


4.         There will be no leagues organised until the winter league commences in

             late September.


5.         The committee would like to thank you all for your patience over the past

             year and hope that you all get back to enjoying bowling over the summer



6.         Those members who are now going to play outside, we wish you all the

            best and look forward to seeing  you back in the club for the winter league

            sessions, we will forward League and Knock Out entry forms in due



Best Regards

Bowls Committee