Summer 2022 KO Competition




Sunday 28th August at 2.00pm

 Ladies' Pairs

Sue Clark & Pauline Crossman  (Winners)


   Carol Moore & Jan Medcalf  (Runners Up)

Men's Pairs

Wally Boldock & Cliff Goddard  (Winners)


 Tony Fox & Chris Cane  (Runners Up)

Monday 29th August at 2.00pm

Ladies' Singles

Sue Clark   (Winner)


    Jan Medcalf  (Runner Up)

  Men's Singles

Chris Cane  (Winner)


Tony Fox   (Runner Up)

Congratulations to all the Finalists

Well done Winners! 


Grateful thanks to Mark Attfield

who so successfully organised and

presented the Club KO's this summer.


Marker Cliff - keeping an eye open!



Ladies Singles Final - Sue and Jan

Mens Single Final - Chris and Tony

Ladies Pairs Final - Sue and Pauline  v  Carol and Jan

Mens Pairs Final  -  Wally and Cliff   v   Tony and Chris

An amazing score at the penultimate end

captured brilliantly by Mark Attfield, marker.