The Club Management Committee

    Chairman                             Wally BOLDOCK               01842-824201          
    Vice-Chairman                    Carol MOORE                   01842-752178
    Acting Secretary                 Carol MOORE                   01842-752178
    Treasurer                              Tom Muir                           01842-763646          


    Domestic Leagues Sec      Andrew Wallace              01842-630489         
    Competitions' Secretary   Tom Muir                           01842-763646


    Ladies' Secretary                 Ann MELTON                    01842-762616 
    Social Secretary                  Jan MEDCALF  


    Ladies' Captain                   Margaret ROBINSON       01842-754343
    Men's Captain                     Len ROBINSON                 01842-754343


    The above members have been elected to or appointesd by the Club's

    Management Committee.



     Ladies' President                Vacancy

     Men's President                  Stephen DAVEY  


    Senior Coach                       Geoff MEALING                  01842-765972

    Coaches                                Jean BARRAS

                                                    David STACEY

                                                    Cliff GODDARD   

    Safeguarding Officer         David STACEY                    01842-766953

    Green Keeper                      Ed MCVICAR                       01842- 751352     

    Webmaster                         David STACEY                    01842-766953